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January 23, 2011
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Blended Eyes Beginner Tutorial by KatieAlves Blended Eyes Beginner Tutorial by KatieAlves
Welcome to my beginner tutorial! Iíd do a video one, but you wouldnít be able to SEE anything. My video camera sucks! So Iíve numbered each picture so you can easily follow each step that Iíve written down here.

First Iíve set out EVERYTHING that I use (some I havenít even used, but I will in the future) not just the ones used for this tutorial. So now you can see exactly what I use.

1. Brushes.
Iíve set out each type of brush Iíve got. All of them are just random brushes that Iíve collected over the years. None of them have names on them, theyíre just ones Iíve gotten from kits. One of them is a lip brush and it works wonderful for clean lines! The big brushes Iíve used on the full face, but never just the eyes or lips, theyíre too big. The medium ones are usually for application of the shadow. Not the small details. Tiny is used for the small details, but usually the pins are the main thing I use for the really fine details.

2. Eyeshadows
So these are the main things I use. I love Covergirlís eyeshadows! Theyíre so bright and go on very nice. The strange thing about them is the longer you have them on, the sparklier they get.
The Rimmel ones are creams, and Iím not that big of a fan of them. Theyíre really pretty when you first put them on, but soon they start going in the crease of your eyelid and it is not pretty.
The Avon stuff is surprisingly good! I wear the gold everyday to work and it is extremely shiny. (I have to look normal for work, blah)
The Líoreal one is just a standard blue, nothing special but itís nice for a more normal look.
The Annabelle ones are WEIRD! You put them on blue, and they change purple after you wear them for a little while. Itís fun if you want to freak out your friends. ďWerenít you wearing blue before?Ē

3. Liquid Liners
I love love love these things! These are the main thing I use for the tiny details. The brushes are pretty small themselves, but if I need it smaller, I just dab it on a pin. The Gosh ones are IMPOSSIBLE to get off. They really suck into your skin! Theyíre super bright and last forever, but if youíre just going to be wearing it for only a little while, theyíre not fun to get off.
The Líoreal black liner goes on wonderful. My only complaint is that it flakes off way too easily. For me, just doing it for fun and not going out, itís fine. But if you wore this out for a while, itíd flake off in no time. Iíd suggest getting a better kind. The Rimmel ones are really good, bright, stay on for a long time and donít REALLY stick to your skin afterwards. Theyíre sometimes a little tricky to get off, but no where near as hard as the Gosh.
The unknown one was my first liquid liner. The actual liner was crappy, but the brush is tiny! It works wonderful for small details! I think it came from the dollar store.

4. SPARKLES!!!!!
Oh how I love sparkles. If you want some heavy duty sparkles, you seriously want to get the Wet N Wild Mega Sparkles. They are amazing! Though they stick to you for days, but theyíre SO SPARKLY!
The Body shop has a mineral sparkle that is so pretty! I use it for the whiteish silver stuff and it stays on pretty well!
The Caboodles is just fun. Itís got a huge brush with SCENTED sparkles. Thatís right! It smells like strawberries!

5. Random Crap
The most important thing out of ALL the stuff Iíve shown you is the Make-up Remover! If youíre going to be playing around with make-up, always make sure to have this! Some of this stuff is hard to get off and this seriously is like magic! Itís Neutrogena, oil free, so it doesnít leave your face feeling like youíve just oiled up. It takes stuff off in seconds!
Annabelle Black Eyeliner, itís the only black eyeliner I use. It goes on nice and smooth, so youíre not ripping your eyes off and it doesnít smear everywhere.
Skittles lip balm. Smells AMAZING! I just use this for when Iím doing my lips. It helps the shadows stay on and it makes the clean up so much faster!
Rubies Halloween Cream Make-up. This is what I use for all the white details. The only thing is donít put a lot on your lips. It makes them feel funny and it says on the tube donít. Just donít! haha.
Revlon Mascara, it works amazing. I have pretty long lashes, but theyíre always so limp. This really curls the lashes and really extends them!

6. Palettes
From 6-8, theyíre just no name palettes Iíve picked up over the years. Theyíre from Shoppers drug mart andÖ well theyíre not THAT great. Some of the colours look bright, but when you put it on it just blows off. If youíre looking for light, pale colours, these work well. Some of the colours can go on bright, like the pink and red in 7 and the pink in 6, but the rest are pretty pale!

9. Mirror.
I love this Remington mirror with a passion. As a lot of you know, I wear glasses. When I take them off, Iím completely blind. This thing blows your eyes up like you wouldnít believe. It allows me to do make-up without my glasses and still be able to see. It also provides 4 different settings for light. I use the brightest so I can see everything that Iím doing! Seriously think of getting it. Itís worth it.

10. A Good Camera
Nothing worse then an amazing make-up job and a terrible quality picture. Get a half decent camera, doesnít have to be an expensive one, but one with at least a 4 megapixel thing! No webcams! Haha Mines a Sony, it works wonderful!

Finally! Now time to get started! Iíve only used the brushes from the eye shadows themselves, plus Q-tips and a pin.

11. Start with a clean base. You donít want yesterdays make-up mixing in with the new stuff.

12. Iím using the Covegirl shadows, this one is the 425 lime alive. Depending on how much you put on, it either can go on a neon yellow, or a lime green. (It looks more yellow, unless you mix with the turquoise) Iím sort of in the middle here. Donít worry about putting it on neatly right now, just slapíer on.

13. Next is the 434 turquoise tempest. Just put it on in the middle, donít worry about blending yet.

14. Finally is the 450 indigo impact. Add it to the end and go further out past your eye. Make it go into a point as shown in the picture. Try to follow your lid line when the eye is closed.

15. Blend. First take the lime eye shadow on your brush and add it to the beginning of the turquoise. Itíll turn into a bright green. If you want it more turquoise or more lime, add the colour you prefer. It might take a few times to get the perfect blend. Do the same with the turquoise and the blue. When finished, use a Q-tip to clean up any fly away eye shadow.

16. Add black liner to the underneath. I used the Annabelle pencil for this, not the liquid liner. Extend it out to the end of the blue. I use a Q-tip to go along the bottom and side to clean it up.

17. Add black to the corner and extend it just a little bit. For people with glasses, donít go too far, otherwise the feet of the glasses will smudge it and itíll just be a mess! Go up under the lid just a little bit, but make it look like your have black all around the eye. The lashes should help fill in the black.

18. Grab your liquid liner and grab a pin. If you donít feel safe using a pointy pin, you can cut off the end. I used scissors for it once, and it worked fine. Just be careful not to send it flying into your eye! Be cool, wear safety glasses. Dip your liquid liner brush into the tube and then dab the pin against the brush. Donít get too much, otherwise itíll drip off.

19. Open your eyes REALLY wide. Ok, not that wide, and carefully dab the pin under your eye, like the picture shows. Try not to use the side of the pin, otherwise itíll turn into a line. If the dot is looking a little funny, grab a Q-tip and just try again! I did about 6, but you can continue around the eye if you want. Let it dry!

20. Finally itís time to put the mascara on. My trick is to do one eye, do the other and then do a second coat. I let them dry for just a few moments, so the second coat really makes them thick and long!

21. There you have it. A final picture of what the eyes look like. My camera washed out the lime and turquoise a bit, so 22 is of a picture without the flash.

I hope you enjoyed this! Iíll be doing another in the future, slightly harder! If you guys try this, send me a picture! Iíd love to see it! Iíll put it up in my journal!

Any questions? Just ask!
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SheyChan Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
so nice! But I am one of this guys who never use firmly make up... because I won't train it... so it would surely look like some creep on me.
TheCanarianEmpire Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I was playing around with my makeup last night, trying to do this :) you do such lovely work~ What kind of brush do you use to get it to a point at the end? Whatever I try looks too rounded
KatieAlves Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I used a really fine craft brush! But a really good technique is to put a piece of tape along the edge of your eye and then add the eyeshadow. You don't need a really small brush, just bring the eyeshadow closer to the edge until you make a point. Take off the tape and you have a perfect edge with a small end!
TheCanarianEmpire Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much! :D I shall definitely try that~
engelangelicamodel Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
So dissapointed to see you use cosmetic tested on animals :(
KatieAlves Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Which one is tested on animals?

This was posted almost 2 years ago when I was first starting out. I don't even use any of this makeup anymore.
engelangelicamodel Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
L'Oreal, sadly.
I was browsing through the all thing didn't notice the date. I am very glad if you don't use l'Oreal anymore, theses people are just down cruel.
KatieAlves Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nah, the stuff was pretty crappy anyways.
Ultramarine7 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
...I can barely do eyeliner properly... hopefully, with enough practice (lots and lots and lots and lots of practice), I can eventually move on to stuff like this! Thanks for sharing!
Charmed-Ravenclaw Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You have been featured here: [link]
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